The page comprises the latest news on the InstaForex Loprais Team rally life. You can learn more about the stages which InstaForex Loprais Team takes part in and keep abreast of the competition and current position of the team. Moreover, this section is planned to contain the racing schedule, maps and charts of the rally stages and resulting team position.

The drama of the second grueling stage of the Silk Way Rally brings more changes and turnovers than last year's edition itself. Even after troubles, Ales Loprais moves to 3rd overall. There hasn't been a stage like this at Silk Way Rally! A weird mixture of the remaining Russian agricultural suburban and soil paths together with the upcoming sandy surface close to the Volga river on 483 kilometers of day's special created a too difficult piece to swallow for many
Stage 1 from Moscow to Lipetsk was marked by recent rains and even today the weather was not i favor of competitors, either. The route offered what one can expect in this area: muddy soil in the Russian suburban area, lots of wet grass and a slippery surface. In addition to that, there were many changes in direction, which finally stood against Ales Loprais. After a small navigational mishap he drove 8 kilometers the wrong direction and had to return and catch up, which he eventually managed without problems, finishing 6th right behind the leading quintet of the domestic Kamaz trucks.
The already traditional event of the Dakar Series starts earlier this year and will be run on July 9-16 from Moscow to the 2014 Winter Olympics venue of Sochi. In seven stages at similar locations as in 2010, the race will head from moscow to Sochi through Lipetsk, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Stavropol and Maykop.The organizing team is preparing a 4000-kilometre long route and its core part should take place in the Kalmykian desert around Astrakhan where also the most gruelling stages.
Ales Loprais signs a new contract with the new general team partner - the InstaForex company, based in Kaliningrad, Russia. "With InstaForex, we were in touch since the last Dakar. They contacted us on the days we won the two stages and since then we have been setting the terms of our cooperation. Along with a leader in providing online trading services to its customers, we hereby introduce also the new nameplate of the team: InstaForex Loprais Team," Ales Loprais adds.
The organizing team of the Silk Way Rally has released the starting list of the truck category consisting of 36 crews, which is the highest number in the rally's history, including the two crews of InstaForex Loprais Team with Ales Loprais and Tomas Vratny. Already the first look at the starting list makes the Dakar fan happy, though even much more stunning competition is heading towards the Dakar 2012 in South America.
The route of the Silk Way Rally is roughly situated to the same area as last year and takes the best of it. Moreover, special stages take up the majority of the total distance. The racing teams and their assistance crews are to take part in administrative and technical scrutineerings at the sports complex of Luzhniki and on July 9 they are to take start from the Red Square next to the walls of the Cremlin. On the next day, the first stage to Lipetsk offers a 260-kilometre special of fast tracks in rural areas of Russia full of changes in direction. Stage 2 will take all competitors to the area of the Caspian Sea, with numerous sand ergs and small dunes.
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