The page comprises the latest news on the InstaForex Loprais Team rally life. You can learn more about the stages which InstaForex Loprais Team takes part in and keep abreast of the competition and current position of the team. Moreover, this section is planned to contain the racing schedule, maps and charts of the rally stages and resulting team position.

After Monday's second stage, in which the team had to deal with inconveniences such as absence of 4x4 dust and punched windscreen, it was hard to put together technique and prepare for the next stage at the same time.
Ales Loprais continued the Dakar Rally encouraged by the success in the first stage, which he finished with the Queen 69 on the second place.
The opening ceremony of this year's Dakar Rally was spectacular. There was a large event with the representatives of the Argentine Government held in Rosario on Friday. Yesterday, on Saturday, then held ceremonial parade of all participants on the podium, which lasted approximately six hours
End of waiting, start of the first stage of the Dakar Rally is scheduled for today. The way from Rosario to San Luis with the liaison section of 629 km and the special stage of 180 km is waiting for the competitors.
First reports from our team and Ales Loprais from the place of the race are good: "Greetings to all from the South America. We are all together again and both Tatra have passed the scrutineering. We have amazing designed helmets from our fan from the Netherland. Ha made the helmets to the whole crew, we took them on the place of the race. The mood is good and the competition is great. I feel respect for all..."
Before it all breaks out, let's go at least virtually through the stages as they come after. The organizers prepared thirteen stages with one rest day. How does it seem to you? You can comment it down on the Facebook wall
We wish you all a good technique, good quality fuel and the most importantly the right people in your team and surroundings to the 2014 year. We believe that not only the fun to drive will come, but also a chance to win all the chosen categories and in for you important races.
The column of our InstaForex Loprais Team rode on Thursday November 19 at the noon in the direction of the port of Le Havre. Close people and colleagues came to say goodbye not only to the Queen 69, but also the Princess and other accompanying cars.
So here it comes! The last work of technique is finishing and we are packing.
Ales Loprais presented a new revolutionary Dakar special. In addition, our InstaForex Loprais Team connects with currently the most successful Czech truck racing MKR Technology Team. The goal is clear - to conquer together the famous Dakar Rally and before it the Russian Silk Way Rally.
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