Eight stage Marathon Bivouac - Iquique


The eight stage is done. We were first on the start from marathon bivouac, but it wasn't any advantage. The stage was quite difficult for navigation. Trucks did a separate section without a traces and when we found some of them, they were from the previous stage and by them it was a lot more confusing. Right in the first section we did a navigation mistake, we have to return and got the first ranking slump. Then we catch back our speed and did some standard kilometers, but Nikolayev truck with the number 502 got unbelievable pace and give all of us a huge portion of minutes.

At this time we managed dunes very well as we even choose a different way than others. We went through three huge funnel of sand and we gain some time on our opponents. It was a big risk and in case we fail, we could sat at one of these funnels right now. Without any help is almost impossible to get out of there.

Tomorrow will be a deserved day off, so we'll have time to work on our truck and to send more material from current stage.

After a day off there is ahead of us ninth stage leading from Iquique to Calama. The connecting part will be 88 km long followed by 451 km special stage. Terrain will be probably challenging again, we'll enjoy the sand and dunes followed by broken and narrow tracks without chance for overtaking in the last section.

Thank you all for all the greetings and congratulations to the stage victory from yesterday and also for birthday wishes. I was really happy and I really appreciate your support.

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