Our team before Dakar 2017


We're already counting down the seconds till the beginning of the Dakar Rally 2017. The weather is changing all the time. A few rainy days in 37 C heat caused lots of insects, such as mosquitoes and ants. It's almost useless to take a shower and all this is happening when we need to be prepared the most before the start of the challenge. The only good thing is the fact that all these conditions are the same for all the participants. In this tropical day we also set out for the required shakedown located about 3 hours far from the bivouac in Asuncion.

We passed the test in extreme sultriness, but we have tested all that was possible. Now we have to undergo a process of technical and administrative scrutineering. As always, there is something overwhelming and difficult waiting on the way, which is hard to describe in words and must be experienced.

We wish you all a healthy body and a positive mind in the upcoming New Year!

InstaForex Loprais Team

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